Functional Reactive Programming in Swift

This is a series based on my talk Functional Reactive Programming without Black Magic at UIKonf in May 2015.

Wrapping View Controllers in Signals

Part 6

Signals aren't just only great for handling model state - you can use them as well to plan your applications' flow.
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The Signal, Threading and You.

Part 5

Multithreading can be hard - let's make it a bit easier by using signals.
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Sending A Signal To Space

Part 4

We've already seen how to handle a chain of failable, synchronous function calls. Next up we explore the missing piece: Async callbacks.
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How To Train Your Monad

Part 3

Let's put all the previous stuff together to achieve our goal: Chaining synchronous transforms with error handling unix style.
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Transforming The World Into A Better Place

Part 2

If you ask a developer what a program is he is likely to respond: A sequence of commands. Value oriented programming takes a step back and lays the focus on something different: The content of your application instead of the actual commands.
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A Swifter Way Of Handling Errors

Part 1

Handling errors is something most developers try to avoid. But error handling got way more important on mobile devices where the user constantly switches apps, the network connection drops in the middle of a transfer or the application is terminated by memory pressure.
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